Welcome to Hadsel ASVO

Hadsel ASVO is a sheltered workshop located in Melbu. Our main goal is to help you to find a job you can enjoy. We do this together with you, based on your needs, your work experience and needs in the labor market. Our clients are individuals with various functional limitations and challenges in the job seeking process.


The process starts with a work practice. Together with your work consultant, you will determine how many hours a week you are going to work, in what department you would like to work, what your challenges are and your needs for support.

During this process you will get your financial support from NAV. You will not get salary for being in work practice beyond what you already get from NAV. Our goal is to help you find a permanent job; so that you can achieve the goals you have for a good life and become financially independent. To reach this goal we offer work experience and qualification through active participation in production and serviceperformance.

Hadsel ASVO has several productions where you can work for a period;

  • Carpentry workshop
  • Dry cleaning
  • Service department
  • Canteen/ cleaning
  • Second hand shop
  • Administration
  • Operates recycling station for Reno-Vest.


Hadsel ASVO
Strandgata 58
8445 Melbu
Tlf: 761 18 600
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